What is the most efficient diet and workout plan for a 15 pound overweight man to bulk up ?

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by Ollie Crafoord

Question by Achi: What is the most efficient diet and workout plan for a 15 pound overweight man to bulk up ?
What is the best work out and diet plan to bulk up?

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Answer by Dustin M
I’ll be quick, but then give sources that go more in depth.

Generally you want to eat things like
Carbs: Oatmeal, brown rice, 100% whole wheat, all veggies, all fruits (eat fruits after waking up and after working out)
Protein: Lean meats, protein shakes (great after a workout with some fruit), egg whites
Fats (in moderation): Almonds, flax seed oil, olive oil, peanut butter, egg yolks

You’re going have to find your TDEE (your maintenance level of calories; see first source) and then eat MORE than that if you want to bulk up. If you are already overweight, you’re going to want to minimize fat gains while you add mass to your muscles. So I really recommend only eating about 5% more than your TDEE, and only eat healthy foods like the ones above.
Remember your exercise plan effects your TDEE. You may have to adjust slightly if the results you get are slightly off. (The calorie calculator isn’t perfect; it’s a great starting point.)

As for workout plans, I really recommend you include The Big Three which are squats, dead lifts, and the bench press. You’ll want to alternate between doing 5 sets of 5 reps for several weeks, then 3 sets of 10-12 reps for several weeks. The very last rep of every workout (if you’re doing 5 sets of 5, that’s the 25th rep) should be very hard, and you just barely manage to get it.

Write down what you do, and try to beat it by a tiny amount every time. You could do 1 more rep, or add a few percent to the weight. Just track what you do, and make sure you improve.

Please see my 2nd source for an excellent, well-rounded workout routine that’s brilliant with the basics. It’s great for beginners (and honestly, I think it’s just great period).
You don’t have to do the EXACT exercise it says to do, but try to follow it closely, and don’t skimp on The Big Three!

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