What is an easy diet plan to follow when you work long hours and have a desk job?

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by kristiewells

Question by Leanne S: What is an easy diet plan to follow when you work long hours and have a desk job?
I work long hours at a desk job on Wall Street. I get home late, leave early, and am on a strict food budget. I am looking for a very detailed diet and exercise plan to follow so that I may lose weight. I have a small apartment and my only equipment is 10 and 4 lbs hand weights. I am looking for exercises to do in a small space. I want to buy foods in bulk that I can have during the week instead of preparing five different meals. I have no medical restrictions for diet or exercise.

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Answer by Violet Pearl
jump rope. take the stairs. walk more. eat enough protein for your body weight (beans are cheap and a good source)

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  1. Psyched says:

    Stone ground irish oatmeal in the morning will hold me over sometimes till 3:00! It has to sit on the stove for about 30 min. but takes little attending to. So once you throw it in the pot you can be getting ready for work… showering… getting dressed…

    Then buy large bag or pre sorted tray of vegetables and sort them in bags or containers for the entire week. Bring along dip (or who would eat them). Have them out on top of your desk all day. Bring a bag every day along with two fruits of your choice (I find the cleanest ones – non juicy – non messy easiest).

    While you’re at the store, buy a can of deluxe nuts (I don’t like the peanuts but if you do… more power to you). I buy the mixed kind for variety. The same day you sorted your veggies into bags for the week. Put a handful of nuts into a bag for each work day of the week.

    Now you have a couple of veggies, about 2-4 fruits for the day, and a protein and minerals and vitamins for the day. And if you ate the oatmeal you have healthy carbs. With all of these you have a lot of fibre and you can eat throughout the day. And you will crave less because you have constant food. If you get board with the oatmeal, there’s a variety of things you can add: raisins, coconut, cinamin, flax seed, let your imagination go.

    Also, bring along a piece of dark chococolate to work. It’s good for a pick me up, a treat, and full of anti-oxidents. It’s good with a coffee or even better for you a green tea. There are many varieties of green tea that are quite tasty. If you have one of those water coolers at work with instant hot water all you need to bring is a box of tea. And drinking a variety of tea throughout the day will help your taste buds feel satisfied.

    Keep up variety. If you’re not into making the healthy oatmeal, try Kashi cold cereal. It will clean you out. Be careful with the stuff or you will be in the bathroom more than at your desk.

    Then for dinner, make up for the nutrients you missed during the day. Perhaps a nice warm meal. If you don’t want to cook, there are a large variety of choices of Amy’s, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice… Good luck.

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