What is a good diet plan for my husband and I to do together?

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Question by Brandi S: What is a good diet plan for my husband & I to do together?
I would like to find a diet plan (meals & exercise) that my husband & I can do together, but is easy at the same time. He will only walk or ride bikes with me. I have the Walk A Way the Pounds DVDs and he will not do them. He also expects to have a full meal on the table every night, but agress that he should not eat that much and needs to loose some weight. I am a diabetic and could really use some support in losing at least 10 lbs. We are both in our late 20’s to early 30’s and have a daughter who is active. She could do something with us, but I need ideas.

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  1. Roselynn says:

    Would you and your husband both be up to joining a gym? That is always a good couples plan. Both of you should see a nutritionist together. Don’t follow diets, they never work. The nutritionist will make up a plan, according to your body type and your daily activities.

  2. jahroxx829here says:

    I don’t know anything about diabetes, so adjust this to your medical plan. A good diet, which is often referred to as the Daniel fast, is to eat only fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Not canned or sugar coated. You can cook them but don’t add other stuff. No grains, (like rice and wheat) bread, meat, icecream, etc. For better results, eat fruits for the first half the day and veggies for the 2nd half. And drink only water. No milk, sodas, beer, wine or anything except water. And maybe pure fruit juice, no additives. The results are amazing, if you stick to it. But then again, this depend s of your body type.

  3. Marty says:

    Recent studies have shown that the best diet plan for weight loss, diabetes, cancer and hypertension is a plant based diet.

    Using a completely vegetarian diet without chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese or anything else that comes from an animal, I have seen many people stop using insulin and get rid of their other medications. The patients that I work with usually eat only 2 meals each day; they skip supper because they don’t need the energy from that meal while they are sleeping.

    Any diet will not give you the results that you want without exercise.

    email me for details.

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