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Take it Seriously

When starting a diet for teenagers, they must be determined and take their decision seriously. You can support them, but it’s their responsibility to eat well and exercise. Read this short guide to give them a few ideas for very quick weight loss.

Daily Exercise is a Must

The most important aspect of exercise is being consistent. The workouts don’t have to be very intense to help your teenager lose weight, but they should be done every single day.

This can range from walking for about 45 minutes each day to more intense routines that involve weight lifting, jogging, running, jump rope, or any form of exercise that gets their blood pumping and raises their heart rate.

Making the exercise more fun can be helpful to keep them interested. Suggesting activities such as racquetball, basketball, or even some Frisbee will be good for them. Taking walks together may be a way to strengthen your bond while being sure they’re getting adequate exercise. Remember, the most important thing is they do it consistently each day to really burn the weight off quickly.

Healthy Eating Habits

Coming up with a diet plan for your teen may be one of the most complex tasks, because you must simultaneously keep bad foods out of the picture while substituting them for healthy alternatives. Foods that will make your teen gain weight will include a lot of salt, sugar, and white flour.

Removing salt from the diet will result in less water retention and provide some quick results that your teenager may notice within a day. White sugar and white flour are difficult to avoid in a diet of packaged and processed foods, but effort must be made to keep their consumption to a minimum.

It may be a good idea to simply throw away all of the foods in your house that you suspect are junk food. This may be difficult to part with, but find alternatives such as nuts, fruits and snack-sized vegetables to offer something in their place immediately.

In the evenings it may be a good idea to do a “carb cutoff,” where your teenager will agree not to eat anything with carbohydrates in it. With some creativity you can craft a dinner that is at least low carb, if not carbohydrate free. This will quickly aid your teen in losing the pounds and make them feel much better.

Check In On Their Progress

As a parent you want to see measurable progress, but they must hold themselves accountable. If they’re not serious about losing weight it will show after only a couple of weeks. If a few simple rules are followed the weight will drop very quickly.

Make it a point to ask them about it once in awhile but try not to be a bother because it won’t help. Once a week is probably often enough to see how they’re doing and if they’re still interested in losing weight.

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