Q & A: what would be a good diet/work out plan for an overweight 14 year old?

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Question by nekokid21: what would be a good diet/work out plan for an overweight 14 year old?
I have a friend whos 14 and she weights like 193 lbs and wants to lose weight so she can be a normal size for a 14 year old. How does she do it? Whats a good workout/diet plan for her?

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Answer by singergrl
the “no-carb” diet. that means NO carbs, at all. and no sugar. my dad did this and lost 40 lbs in like a month and a half. just eat eggs for bfeast, grilled chicked salad for luch, and soup or chicken again for dinner.

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  1. Mystical lemon Ryo says:

    Green tea.. 3-5 cup a day and in two weeks youve lost about 5 kilos…:D

  2. kit kat says:

    in order to remove stomach fat/lose weight you need to do alot of cardio workout. Cardio workout will include running, walking .. etc.. check out this website they include good cardio exercise., and soon you will remove that stomach fat/lose weight. Don’t drink alot of sodas and leave the junk food. The real truth of having abs is doing a lot of cardio workout.Good luck


    *remember also drink lots of water .


    1. Rope jumping – a jump of 15 mins per session equals 30 mins of running and burns off 200 calories

    2. Dancing

    3. Treadmill walking/jogging/running

    4. Step aerobic

    5. Swimming (indoor pool)

    6.Jumping on a trampoline

    7. Stair climbing

    8. Stationary biking

    9. Cardio kickboxing

    10. Aerobic dance exercise

    Do at least 30 mins continuously in one session,3-4 times a week


  3. forLIFE says:

    She needs to follow a food pyramid (NOT removing any categories) and being careful with portions. She needs to eat every meal or her metabolism will slow down (causing her body to store fat). She needs to work out 3 – 4 times a week, cardio would be best.

    Also my doctor told me that if a person cuts out Soda (diet and non diet alike) a person can lose anywhere from 10 – 25 pounds in just a few short weeks.

    Please tell her to not use a fad diet because as soon as she gets off the fad diet the wweightwill more than likely come back.

  4. bosco23300 says:

    The #1 issue is not getting her on a diet, or setting it up as a weight loss scenario… This is because, if she does lose weight, people tend to think, Ok, I lost weight, I am done… With somebody who is 14 years of age, it is all about a Lifestyle Change… Obviously she has a body type that does not process fat as quick as her peers do… So you need to change her eating habits from 3 big meals and a snack to 6 or 7 small meals a day… This will speed up her metabolism and get her to burn calories much quicker. The 6 or 7 smaller meals should be rich in nutrients and have very little fat content…And if she enjoys carbohydrate foods, pasta, bread, etc… those should be eaten during the morning and day and never after 4pm. Also with her eating habits, she should not be allowed to eat anything accept water, maybe sugar free jello after 6pm, every day…
    Then add excersize… Walking, Jogging, Playing with her friends, etc… The idea is to get her to be mobile…If her parents can afford a decent treadmill, she should use that, or just run, or jog, for a minimum 22 minutes at a time 3-4 times a week… If she follows this plan, the pounds will literally fall off of her, and most importantly she will have a different look on how to eat, and become healthier…

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