How important is the diet when it comes to a workout plan?

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by justmakeit

Question by vineo76: How important is the diet when it comes to a workout plan?
I read these magazines that have these excellent workout plans. I do the workouts, but I don’t do the crazy diet that they show with it. I don’t eat a lot of egg whites and things like that, but I do make sure I eat healthy and drink protein shakes like “Muscle Milk”. Is it important to follow the diet plan that they have in these magazines? I mean, prisoners don’t follow a series diet plan and they come out pretty ripped.

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Answer by Mark W
The diets they use are just examples, but to pack on the muscle then dieting properly is essential. you should go to a body building forum rather than this one, to find out information. I would help you more but im busy and cant write much. sorry

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4 Responses to “How important is the diet when it comes to a workout plan?”
  1. Brutally Honest says:


  2. cash$ says:

    very very important

    good luck

  3. funnylegz2003 says:

    Well me being a competitive bodybuilder, me and my friends at the gym always acknowledge diet as the most important aspect to bodybuilding. If you don’t eat properly then you wont get the results you want; for example if you are wanting to get ripped than you need to cut back on the calories and increase your protein intake. If you want to add mass then you need to increase your caloric intake and eat plenty of carbs. Remember weather your a bodybuilder or not, you are what you eat, and if you don’t diet properly then you wont get the results that you are looking for in the gym.

  4. bonnieh1964 says:

    The diet is about 80% important.

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