How do you stay on a diet plan when family members are sabotaging it?

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by Newbirth35

Question by Baby Jane: How do you stay on a diet plan when family members are sabotaging it?
I’m trying to get fit, but certain family members are trying to sabotage it.
How can I stay focused on my diet and fitness plan without getting in fights with them about it?
Also, does anyone know of any good ways to help with self control?

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Answer by jbluvr4evr44
dont eat with them….. eat alone where no one can influence you!

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15 Responses to “How do you stay on a diet plan when family members are sabotaging it?”
  1. flipflopchick says:

    Dont even tell them that you are on a diet and just try to stick with it and exercise

  2. Matt J says:

    Will power, just think thin!

  3. Deadman says:

    well you cn cook your own food and ignore them for one.

  4. Valerie says:

    eat a hotdog:]

  5. bash says:

    Start buying your own food and stick to your diet, politely decline any foods they are trying to make you eat and be resilient.

  6. w5van says:

    Move to another state,

  7. tree says:

    i know the feeling. become a bit more independant and buy your own food this will mean you will have to eat it as you wont want to waste your money. also realise that what you eat is better than their unhealthy food and you will feel happier when eating it. find tasty healthy recipes and learn to cook, its great! its ok to have the odd cream bun every now and then but just explain to your family that you don’t agree with all the crap that goes into processed food etc.

  8. Jecelyn says:

    Smae thing happened with me.
    What i did was to tell my folks that they wouldnt offer me food, and i gave them a shopping list. Then, i asked them for a cupboard in the kitchen so i could have my section. Being out of the house is also a good idea; i like going to the gym, though its not for everyone. Try getting a hobby to distract yourself.
    Also, cook and eat at different times from them.

  9. Thomas says:

    It’s not that hard to not eat as much..

  10. Dick Buttkiss says:

    Tell them to screw off. Kill them if you have to…..step on their throats and tell them to stay out of your way. But don’t let other people drag you down when you are trying to elevate yourself.

  11. Annie says:

    Just tell them you want to be healthy, ignore them as much as possible, and just stick with your diet and routine. P.S. if you do, don’t lecture them, because that makes lots of people try to sabotage what you’re lecturing them about

  12. Flamest says:

    Well, what works for me is when my parents start obsessing over me changing stuff (getting fit, getting rid of acne, new friends) I just say ‘Yep, you’re right, whatever you say’ and just keep doing what I want to do to achieve my goal. If they’re trying to offer you a pile of junk food, instead of saying ‘Nah, I don’t want it, too many calories’ you could say ‘Gee, I would love it, but I’m stuffed/not hungry.’ If they keep on with it, take some and just don’t eat it, nobody will notice.
    As for self control, realize that it’s totally pointless to get in a fight with someone who is set in their ways. Them giving you advice or tips doesn’t mean you have to follow it. Don’t say it out loud to the person giving you advice, but think to yourself how good you’re doing and how you don’t need to take anything from anyone to reach your goal.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

  13. Farah says:

    i’m in the same situation but here’s what i do
    *Don’t eat dinner with them, because they’ll make you eat more which will cause fights
    *Avoid family desserts, say your a bit stuffed and you’ll have your piece later, instead give it to your little brother or someone else.
    *don’t listen to what they say, just focus on your goals and do not give up!
    *but mainly don’t let them know your on a diet
    i have the same problems and it always leads to fights, i just wish they could understand!

    good luck! x

  14. arch0049 says:

    Guess what, we all have this problem, and it only gets worse when you start having more and more success. The best thing to do is read and research healthy topics in books, magazines and websites. And, make health an interest of yours. Replace living better with some of your other less happy habits.

    What I am saying is that, it will not stop your friends, family and coworkers from sabotage… But, if it becomes an interest of yours (healthy living) it will be harder for your circle to interfere. Also, maybe – I stress maybe – your people will respect it.

  15. Jen says:

    How do they sabotage it?
    Be assertive and tell them to leave you alone about it.

    You have to find your own motivation. I liked to make vision boards with weight loss quotes on them to motivate me.

    they also have a page about vision boards on this site.

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