diet plan??

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diet plan
by Sirinyay

Question by kool as kassidyy: diet plan??
ok so i am thinking about going on a diet and i need a good diet plan that i can actually stick to, i already get 1.5 hours of exercise everyday, and i am still quite large and i try very hard..i need a new diet plan thats easy to stick to and that i good for a cheerleader/singer

thank you very much <3 Best answer:

Answer by electrickshadow
well awesome that you excercise and sing! me too! I hike about 15 miles and perform on a weekly basis, so there ya go. As for the food part of it, theres nothing really SPECIFIC that youd need to follow(i.e. types of proteins/grains, colours of fruits/veggies, etc.), but this is what I used to get me down from 260(yes I was one BIG chick, lol) to now 139(only 10 lbs to go!)

proteins= 2oz/serving
grains= 4oz/serving(or 1 “piece” if something like bread or a roll)
fruit= 6oz/serving(or 1 piece if such as an apple or orange)
veggies= 8oz/serving

all meals have a grain and a protein, breakfast adds 2 fruit, lunch adds a fruit & veggie, dinner adds 2 veggies. A morning snack is a grain and protein and an afternoon snack is a fruit & veggie.

I know, I know, this sounds pretty complicated, but its easier done than said. Basically what it comes out to is…

think of your food groups in types and cups/day.
Groups= veggie ,fruit, grain, & protein
Cups= 4,3,2, & 1
In that order. Hope I helped. =)

If you have any questions feel free to message me. Im tellin ya this is awesome once you find your groove. Ok, Ill shut up now, lol.

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2 Responses to “diet plan??”
  1. kay says:

    well im not the best and its hard for me too, even though im 10 pounds over weight………… you should cut your meals in half, so a 4 chicken with sauce would be 2 chickens and sauce. Also eat when your hungry, if your thinking about food just ignore it unless your stomach is really weak and hurting in a hungry way. Try to have snacks when your hungry not meals 😉 like carrots which keep you busy especially shredded carrots take me like 2 days to finish because its a lot of chewing and best of all, calories are really low.

    That is my current diet and i been on it for 2 weeks, but you need to forget the urge of eating all of the meal just half unless if your hungry 🙂

  2. Skylar says:

    It sounds like your the same as most of us and even when you have a good diet plan you can find it hard to stick to.

    I found that working out how many calories are recommended that I eat on average per day and what level of exercise I have to do to burn off any excesses really helped. Obviously I try to eat a balance diet not just fill my calorie quota with sweet and fatty foods. lol

    I’ve found that keeping a blog has helped my stick with it. I know that almost every day I write what I did for the day and it really helps me stick to what I’ve planned. IPlus I’ve made some good friends and we keep each other going. I keep mine at You might find it helps with staying with it too.

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